Dodgers Ask Fan To Kiss His Sister On Kiss Cam [VIDEO]


Dodger Stadium Kiss Cam Sister
The Kiss Cam is a staple at sports venues. You know the deal: the camera turns to a couple, and they kiss each other. But what if the girl next to you is your sister? Well, you bail the eff out of there. That’s what young “James” did when the Dodger Stadium Kiss Cam landed on him and his sister “Christie” (sp?) on Saturday. Dodger fans — obviously thinking the two were a couple — booed and laughed as James ran away from the invite to inbred smoochin’.

Watch the action in the video below as James sets everything straight. Also note the active couple behind James and Christie: they go right to the tongue outside the mouth. Stay classy, Dodger fans. (Of course, we included a screencap of them, too.)

Check out the tongue action behind James and Christie!
Dodger Stadium Kiss Cam Couple

[H/T: Cut4]

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