Boobs McGee (Not Front Row Amy) Entertains At Brewers Game & More Morning Screencaps



BC follower @JowPgh last night sent an urgent message via Twitter:

Tough night for pitchers

And he attached this photo of Boobs McGee, who is not Front Row Amy, at last night’s Brewers game.


Even with HD via my MLBtv subscription, it’s hard to tell if we’re talking late 30s or 40s for Boobs. It’s very clear that the boobs are massive and that she’s not shy. Maybe this is just a one night thing for Boobs. Maybe not. Maybe Boobs snagged a 20-game summer package.

Is it possible there could be a Front Row Boobs War at Brewers games? Time will tell.



Home run.


At the Big Ten Tournament, great photobombing.



NY Post cover grade: solid A

Picture 3

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