Watch Jade Bryce Do The Sexiest MMA Impressions You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]

With MMA-affiliated women like Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer capturing so much attention, it has to be damn near impossible for other ring girls to promote themselves. Jade Bryce doesn’t care. Let UFC publish a swimsuit issue; Jade will just make a video of funny impressions from Bellator MMA fights. Boom. Done.

Bryce released the video of funny MMA impressions through CagePotato’s YouTube channel earlier this week. In the clip, Bryce takes on Rashad Evans’s knockout face, the Just Bleed Guy, the drunk dancing mom, robot dancing, the rising douchebag and the head-to-head between Don Frye and James Thompson. Bryce may not be quite on the Celeste/Palmer level just yet, but she’ll get there. She’s already posed for Playboy. Watch the video for more MMA impressions:


[H/T: CagePotato]

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