Kate Upton Wearing Michigan Hat: Hot Or Not?



Yes, yes, yes, I know all about Kate Upton‘s ties to Michigan, and that she dated Verlander, and that her uncle is a state politician and that she was at the Michigan national title basketball game. At this point there really isn’t an angle I haven’t covered on the Kate Upton beat.

So it’s newsworthy when yesterday Kate left a New York hotel wearing a Michigan hat. It’s an Internet first. Upton in a Wolverines sweatshirt has happened – barely.

There will be those of you who bash me that this “isn’t news” and that you “don’t know why this is being reported.”

This is news. Michigan fan is busy bragging on message boards that Boobs is wearing the school’s hat while Ohio State guy is contemplating whether he’d even have sex with her because of that Michigan hat.

Kate Upton Michigan Hat

[via Superior]

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