Blue Jays Fan Wastes Good Beer On Nate McClouth After Great Catch [VIDEO]


Toronto fans continue to do their part to make their city known as the Philadelphia of Canada. What’s with these friggin guys? Are they pissed at the Canadian tuxedo gags? During Thursday night’s Blue Jays-Orioles game at Rogers Centre, a fan in the upper deck hurled what looked to be a full can of beer at Baltimore left fielder Nate McLouth after he made a great catch in the first row of the stands in the sixth inning.

The beer missed McClouth, but security connected with the fan, who was ejected from the game. Given the weight of the beer, the speed it picked up as it fell/was thrown and that McClouth is pretty much the size of an Oompa Loompa, the beer could have leveled him. Watch the incident below, including Orioles broadcaster Jim Palmer hammering the fan right away.


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