AJ McCarron & Katherine Webb Now Engaged?



Just what Alabama football fans need in May – gossip.

This week we just happened to watch the MTV video featuring Katherine Webb and Chrissy Teigen doing something at a stupid festival when a giant ring on Webb’s ring finger about blinded us. It’s a ring…on the ring finger…and it’s huge.

Maybe it’s just a purity ring. Maybe it’s just to ward off dirtbags at this stupid festival. Maybe it’s an engagement ring. You might remember back in January when Webb went on Ryan Seacrest’s show to talk about life and her sweet AJ.

Said Webb, when asked if she’d like McCarron to pop the question:

“Yeah, absolutely. It’s kind of funny because I’ve dated in (Los Angeles) and I’ve kind of like seen how Hollywood works. But when you find yourself with someone that you really can see yourself with, like, you know it. I knew in the first two weeks that we were going to be together for a long time. Love kind of takes over and you start talking about the future. So yeah, it’s definitely something that I want. I don’t see all of this fame – or whatever it is – kind of affecting how I feel toward AJ.”

So maybe the MTV ring is an engagement ring. Or maybe it’s the ring AJ gave her for Valentine’s Day. This is enough to drive a football-deprived Bama fan crazy for the next 100 days until kickoff against Virginia Tech.

Just imagine Bama fan finding a Webb-McCarron wedding registry. These two would have so many toasters and waffle makers. And misspelled wedding cards.

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