U. of Cincinnati Baseball Team Wins Post-Game Photobomb Title [VIDEO]

U Cincinnati Photobomb
You probably don’t care about the University of Cincinnati’s baseball team. Most sports fans don’t pay attention to college baseball at all unless it’s College World Series-time, and they especially don’t care about northern schools that finish 24-32. But, these Bearcats will make you care, dammit!

After one player did an inadvertent walk-through during an early season interview on the school’s Bearcat TV, the Cincinnati baseball team attempted to one-up itself each game by finding new ways to photobomb whichever player made the network’s post-game show. Jousting, swimming, preparing to cannibalize a teammate — all were featured photobombs by the Cincinnati baseball team. Click the images below to view the GIFs, and then watch the compilation video at the end to see their greatest hits:

Bearcats Photobomb

Bearcats Photobomb 2

Bearcats Photobomb 3