Paulina Gretzky Bikini Of The Week: A Fishing Bikini


While Wayne Gretzky is off getting drunk to ease the pain of his daughter slutting it up on Instagram, Paulina was at it again yesterday, uploading another great bikini photo.

This time Paulina took the time to Insty a shot with DJ’s brother, Austin.

She tweeted:

Gone Fishin’ with my Johnson boys(.)

Teeeheeee. DJ’s ‘Summer of Poon’ just rolls along…cracking Leinies…directing Paulina Insty photoshoots.

And how much fishing could you possibly get done when this is lounging on the boat taking selfies? Credit DJ here. He’s keeping her busy doing what he enjoys doing and paying back the Internet at the same time.

We’re really starting to like this guy.

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