Orioles Rock Canadian Tuxedos On Way To Toronto Series [PHOTOS]

Orioles Denim LEAD
After taking two of three games from the New York Yankees at Camden Yards, the Baltimore Orioles packed up for a four-game series against the Blue Jays in Toronto. While Orioles fans were focused on Thursday’s MLB debut of Kevin Gausman, the Orioles themselves decided to take their travel wardrobe game to another level. Several members of the team donned double denim — the vaunted Canadian tuxedo — on their way to Canada.

Outfielder Adam Jones and third baseman Manny Machado led the way. Check out the overalls on Manny. Killer. Like John Denver meets Brooks Robinson. (Also note shortstop J.J. Hardy NOT in denim in the background. C’mon Hardy.)

Adam Jones Manny Machado denim


Most of the rest of the Orioles team jumped on to the Canadian tuxedo train, including nearly the entire bullpen. It’s pretty clear the NBA has nothing on the Orioles’ post-game threads. If anyone has a pic of O’s manager Buck Showalter in double denim, now is the time to hit that “Tips” button.

Orioles Team Canadian Tuxedos

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