How Much Vodka You Think Kobe & Matt Leinart Pounded At This L.A. Party?


As you can see, the white guy in the red hat is former Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart chatting it up with Kobe Bryant at a Newport Beach backyard gathering, according to @HaileyDavin.

This high school senior reports:

Best part about having famous neighbors is they have parties with famous people..that you’re invited to #kobe

You might remember that Deadspin touched on this party Monday morning after Vanessa Bryant posted an Insty featuring Leinart and her loving husband.


Guess who took the pony for a walk the day of the party? Hailey. $100 says Leinart was hitting on the 18-year-old high school seniors at the party and then started feeding the pony vodka bongs.

Get me a Vine of that – now!

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