Duckface Heat Fan Wouldn’t Stop Kiss Bombing Marv & More Morning Screencaps

morning twitpics

Fuckin’ Heat fans.

I’m specifically talking about “Do you even tan, bro” fan who wouldn’t quit kissing his fakey while Steve and Marv tried to breakdown Pacers-Heat Game 1. We couldn’t at least three instances where Duckface wanted fakey to kiss him on camera.

How about that dog tag that Duckface is wearing? We will, however, give these fans credit for sticking around to see LeBron beat the Pacers via a layup in overtime. They could’ve left early for a rooftop party or stayed to watch Frank Vogel sit Roy Hibbert, allowing King plenty of room to drive for a game-winner.

Dog Tag Heat Fan 2

Our old friend Stephy C sent this over to honor Urlacher.

Picture 7

Another intern shitcanned.

Picture 8

Did you get permission from Lord Goodell?

Picture 9

Because peanuts aren’t selling very well.

Picture 11

Not sure what this is at the SEC Tournament.

Picture 12

NY Post cover grade: (if selling newspapers is your goal) A

Picture 10