Holy Christ, Roger Clemens’ Jeep Is All ‘Roided Out

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Do I need to keep telling you that when Roger Clemens swags the f–k out, Rog swags the f–k out? Just look at this beast that was recently parked at some ballpark.

Texan @Brennan_Boyle doesn’t share any specific details on this but there’s a good chance that’s outside the Sugarland Skeeters minor league park. That’s where it seems Rog likes to show off his swag when he’s not on a golf course wearing cargo shorts.

As for the Jeep, if you’re Roger Clemens and always raising your swag level, you can’t just drive around town in a factory Jeep. That would be like Shawn Marion driving around on a Honda Gold Wing.

Here’s Roger this past weekend – just appreciate that hat, the necklace and the popped cuff. Legendary.

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