What Coaches/Players Pay This Massage Therapist To Walk On Their Backs? [UPDATE]



I just happened to come across this massage therapist chick Laurie Fredricks’ Twitter account (@lauriefredricks) while doing some morning work and found it interesting that she claims to have walked all over NFL., MLB, NBA and NCAA coaches.

And she solicits pretty much any and every guy who might be coming to San Diego to walk on their backs.

Aaron Rodgers? Check. Rob Gronkowski (who’ll soon be having minor back surgery)? Check. New Chargers defensive stud Dwight Freeney? Check.

And she likes to walk on the big guys.

Picture 7

UPDATE: One of the clients that Laurie has named is a former football player named Sam Lightbody (6-9, 310). She’s also walked on Dominic Rhodes. Other than that, she’s not exactly naming names.

Picture 10

Now it is becoming my obsession to find out what coaches are letting Laurie walk all over them. Saban? Charlie Weis? $500 says she’s walked on Brady Hoke.

I won’t rest until Laurie reveals names.

Laurie’s legs, ready for you huge NFL linemen.


And Laurie from behind.

Picture 8

And Laurie doing yoga.


$85 an hour. Seems like a good deal.


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