Is Ochocinco’s Ex, Evelyn Lozada, Dating Carl Crawford? [PHOTOS]


Evelyn Lozada LEAD

Chad Ochocinco hasn’t had the best week. Already looking for work and hurting for cash, Ochocinco was arrested on a probation violation in Florida on Monday. Today, Ochocinco may find out that his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada is now dating Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford.

“Basketball Wives” star Lozada was allegedly spotted at CitiField during the Dodgers April series with the Mets. There have apparently been other eye-witness accounts of Crawford and Lozada hanging out more recently, but no pics, so we still can’t say it happened. Before you feel bad for Ochocinco over the Lozada-Crawford thing, realize that maybe it’s a blessing for him and a bad turn for Crawford. Lozada’s highest-profile guys — Ochocinco and financially ruined former NBA star Antoine Walker — haven’t done too well after getting with Lozada. Not to call her a jinx or anything, but if the Louboutin fits…

Crawford better watch what happens to that $20 million per year deal he makes with the Dodgers, otherwise he, Ochocinco and Walker might have to start their own reality webcast: “Three Broke Dudez.”


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