Blindfolded Johnny Manziel Completed 27 of 29 Passes During ‘Zorro’ Drill [VIDEO]


Johnny Manziel Blindfolded

Normally, the only thing impairing Johnny Manziel’s vision is tequila or girlfriend Sarah Savage. That changed last week while Manziel was training with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr., who had Manziel throw passes blindfolded in what he called a “Zorro” drill. Didn’t Zorro’s mask have eye holes? Maybe this is more of an Obi-Wan drill?

Anyway, Manziel completed 27 of 29 passes while blindfolded (because if he didn’t, you’d never hear about it). Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer (and A&M alum) Charean Williams testified on Twitter and filed the story Monday.

Jedi training methods like throwing passes while blindfolded might be great if the Aggies have a non-conference game against the Empire, or for a Dude Perfect video, but Manziel would do well to leave the blindfold behind during SEC games this season.

[H/T: @NFLCharean]

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