Someone Paid $105K For Broken Alabama BCS Trophy; Cam Newton BCS Pants Value Rises


The big news out of Alabama this weekend was that the shattered BCS trophy that was famously broken by a Bama long snapper’s father, was auctioned for $105,000.

According to Mr. Alabama football news Cecil Hurt:

Alabama auctions off the broken 2011 BCS Champonship Trophy at its UA Celebrity Golf Tournament on Sunday. It brought a reported $105,000.

The original value of the crystal was $30,000. Do the math.

Of course there’s collectible value here. It’s the crystal that Nick Saban hoisted after the Tide dominated LSU 21-0 in New Orleans. There aren’t many of those on the collectible market.

This has me thinking.

How much could I now get for the Cam Newton BCS pants that I purchased for $1,525? Those pants were bought straight from Auburn University and still have stains from the sprayed fake grass. If a broken crystal is worth $105k, I’m thinking the pants have to be worth at least $15k to an Auburn fan. The Tigers aren’t selling their BCS trophy. I have no idea where Cam’s jersey is. However, I know where Cam’s pants are.

Bids now start at $15k.

As a bonus, the pants were worn by Playmate Jaime Edmondson. Do the math.