Shawn Marion Just Cruising Around In Wild Convertible Car – Or Is That A Motorcycle? [PHOTOS – UPDATE]


UPDATE: Thanks to Patrick in Chicago, we now know that Marion is driving a Bentley that is next to impossible to find on the Internet. See photo below.

It’s not a secret I’ve always been a big fan of Shawn Marion and his Internet profile. The guy will tweet out booze photos (like the shot-ski Insty), hangs at Hooters pageants and he always seems to have a new car.

Then he’s spotted out yesterday cruising in what looks like a three-wheeled Mercedes convertible/motorcycle. I’m sure there’s some car expert who’d like to tell me all about this ride that Marion was in.

We know from photos that this is a street legal one-seater that affords plenty of legroom for the 6-7 Mavs forward.