RGIII Wants You To See All The Wedding Gifts He’s Getting & More Morning Screencaps

morning twitpics

Here we go again with more athlete wedding registry drama. It seems that RGIII received some wedding gifts late in the week. And then the gifts kept arriving, and arriving and arriving. So many gifts from his public registry arrived that he just needed to send out a “look at me” tweet.

Thank you to the Fans who are helping buy ALL the items from our wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond

Wrong move, bro.

You might remember that BC sent RGIII a corn peeler off that registry. It was the ideal gift (remember “Cornball Brother”?) and it was pretty cheap. We also sent him a napkin. The idea is that he and his future wife will one day have to fight over such things in a messy divorce. We’re also athlete wedding thank you note hunters.

It’s a new sport.

Remember Wes Welker’s wife sending us a nasty thank you? This, to us, is like the Holy Grail of athlete memorabilia.

As for RGIII, he should’ve saved the “thank you for sending gifts” tweets for after the wedding. He spent his Sunday protecting himself against attacks.

Picture 3

Picture 6

Pretty sure they mean Game 2.


Pretty sure they mean pancakes.


The Indians are so good this year that Kevin Costner just had to stop by this weekend to see the team beat Seattle. That’s the best seat he could get?

Picture 7

The crowd yesterday after a long rain delay at the Red Sox-Twins game.

Picture 8

Dump that guy and call the number on the sidebar.


And he survived to tweet about it.

Picture 10

NY Post covers: C

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