Bella Twins Sandwich Bob Uecker, Party At Cards Game [PHOTOS]

Bella Twins Uecker LEAD

The Bella Twins — Nicole and Brianna Bella — were in St. Louis over the weekend. They took in a Cardinals-Brewers game with Mick Foley on Saturday prior to the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view event at the Scottrade Center on Sunday night. MLB and WWE have done a lot of cross-promotion, but this seemed more like two hot girls getting preferred access. Life is pretty good when you are knockout twins with a WWE connection.

Bella Twins Inset

While the Bella Twins spent time with Cardinals’ players Matt Holliday and David Freese before the game, Brewers’ broadcaster Bob Uecker stepped in to get the best photo op. Uecker’s pimp game is still top-notch. Dude is so respected that he could get away with a little grab-ass, too

Look who we ran into at the @cardinals game! Bob Uecker! Always amazing laughs! :) B&N…

— The Bella Twins (@nicoleandbri) May 18, 2013


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