ESPN Fired Two Interns On Friday For Wikipedia Errors & More Morning Screencaps


morning twitpics

Oh, ESPN interns.

Look, we make errors on a normal basis, but we’re not the World Wide Leader in sports. If you’re the World Wide Leader, your interns have to check Wikipedia much better than the intern checked Wikipedia yesterday for how many Indy 500 wins Dario Franchitti has in his capri pants pockets.

He’s a 3-time winner because he won last year. Yes, Dario won the 2012 race.

So how did the intern miss that? Because it’s easy to miss if you’re using Wikipedia as your source for information.

His page:

Picture 6

See how easy it would be for an intern to overlook the 2012?

And there is more from the World Wide Leader. Again, we make terrible mistakes like yesterday calling the Warriors shooting guard Seth Curry instead of Steph.

But we’re just loser bloggers who don’t have real editors.

ESPN, however, is a billion dollar operation. How does Copa del Ray get on SportsCenter? It’s Copa del Rey, idiots, and the matches were on your network.


Moving on….David Wells!!!!

Picture 3

Left all day, every day and twice on Tuesday. She was a Miss Earth contestant. Love that modeling contest.

Picture 7

I’m speechless. Hopefully this guy is just unloading a couple no-show tix.

Picture 9

Actually this is a very disturbing trend at sporting events. You know how we know this guy didn’t get laid last night after the Rice baseball game?

Picture 10

NY Post covers grade: A+ (hate to hear that the hot chick was killed; grade mostly based on Melo in an Indy car)

Picture 8

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