Dustin Johnson’s Injured Back Steps Up For A Night Out With Paulina Gretzky

Dustin Johnson’s Back Steps Up For A Night Out With Paulina Gretzky

As I told you on Thursday, Dustin Johnson pulled out of this weekend’s Byron Nelson with back issues that have been plaguing him for a few weeks. Then, out of nowhere, he’s on a boat with Paulina Gretzky putting pressure on his thigh. Keep in mind that DJ has now withdrawn from three straight tourneys.

Then, last night, Paulina posts the above Insty of DJ straining his back to snap an SUV shot. Hurt back my ass.

@DJohnsonPGA tweeted on Tuesday:

Tried to go but have inflammation in my facet joints. Some rest and daily therapy with my physical therapist, then I should be good!!

Physical therapist!

This guy has a permanent erection and it’s pretty hard to blame him for enjoying a summer of poon instead of some golf tourney with a $6,700,000 purse. Name a guy who’s having a better time with life than DJ. Don’t bother trying.

Earlier this week:


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