Hey, Torts: How Does That Overtime Loss To The Bruins Taste & More Morning Screencaps


morning twitpics

What did we learn last night in the world of sports? Those up-and-coming Golden State Warriors kids who have social media, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, etc. behind them weren’t able to beat the Spurs. It took Seth Steph Curry 25 shots to get 22 points (box score); he combined with Klay Thompson to go 14-37 from the field.

If they’re hot, they win games. If not, they lose a series. The math is pretty simple.

The other big news of the night has to be Torts getting tongue bombed by the blonde during the 3rd period of the Bruins OT victory in Game 1. Shake off that tough loss, Torts.

In NFL news, Steve Smith said that Mark Sanchez “sucks” and that he wouldn’t let Sanchez “throw me a paper bag sandwich.”

Let’s get this shit started with Lindsay Czarniak’s dong necklace on SportsCenter.


The only problem is that there are like 2,000 other guys at the game who look like weed dealer burnouts.

Picture 6

Might want to shave off the Warriors part.

Picture 3

Go ahead and laugh at his hair.

Picture 3

That’s cute, but Westbrook would’ve worn the backpack to the presser.

Picture 7

NY Post covers grade: B

Picture 9

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