Fat Charlie Weis Still Lumbering Around With Cane


Charlie Weis Cane

Poor Charlie Weis.

Here we thought that Charlie had taken care of the hip pain that caused him to use a cane during the 2011 season while he was the Florida offensive coordinator. He had hip surgery in late 2011.

In the above photo (via @BKBannister), you’re looking at Tubby using the cane in late April. Let’s ask a serious question: Has a football coach – in the last 35 years – won a conference championship while getting around via a cane? I can’t think of any.

Joe Paterno won the 1994 Big Ten title, but the guy was like 68 years old. That was way before the golf cart and popping his pants days.

Charlie Weis is 57 and went 1-11 last year, his first, with the Jayhawks. The guy can’t move without a cane. This doesn’t seem to be a here and there type scenario.

Here’s Tubby eight days ago firing up KU alum to donate to a worthless football program. Cane.

Picture 7

Sure, Kansas doesn’t actually think it should contend for a BCS bowl, but they’re paying this guy $2.5 million a year. That means you want to at least land a Dec. 28 or 29 bowl game.

Does a mobile coach equal wins? You don’t see any fat, immobile SEC coaches, do you? Wait, Bret Bielema is bloated, but he’s a rookie SEC coach so we’ll cut him some slack. At least he won Big Ten titles.

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