Kacie McDonnell Now Dating Phillies Pitcher Jonathan Pettibone?



You have to give Fox Philly 29 traffic reporter Kacie McDonnell credit here. At Kacie’s level of hotness she could jersey chase well into the seven-figure athlete range, maybe even low eights. She’s just that caliber.

But that was her date, Phillies rookie pitcher Jonathan Pettibone with her Wednesday night at a Chase Utley charity function, according to our friends at Crossing Broad. We’re talking about a guy who’ll make the league minimum this season as a guy who just made his debut in April.

Pettibone is 3-0 with a 3.41 ERA.

McDonnell (@KacieFOX29), one of the media socialites who gets it, rose to Internet stardom as the college girlfriend of Christian Ponder. She also left college with plenty of bikini photos for the Internet.

At least Pettibone now has a real reason to give 110% and stay in Philly.