25 Worst Dick Trickle Death Jokes On Twitter

Dick Trickle Tweets


Dick Trickle, the former NASCAR driver whose memorable name found its way into the national sports conversation, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on Thursday by Lincoln County (N.C.) emergency personnel. Trickle, 71, apparently called the authorities ahead of time to let them know his plans without identifying himself. First responders found his body near the Forest Lawn Cemetery near Boger City, N.C.

Many sports fans will remember Trickle as a tongue-in-cheek name check done by Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick on ESPN’s SportsCenter in the mid-1990s. Even if Trickle’s finish wasn’t relevant to that week’s Cup Series race, Olbermann and Patrick would let the nation’s sports fans know where he finished. Other fans will recall Trickle smoking while driving a race car, going so far as to drill a hole in his helmet to vent smoke and installing cigarette lighters in his stock car. (Watch the video below.) Bad ass stuff.

Trickle’s impressive legacy didn’t stop the trolls and miscreants on Twitter from posting endless unfunny tweets about the man in the minutes after the announcement of his death. We’ve complied the worst of these unfunny screeds in the gallery below:

Yes, that's my real name.
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