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Photos: Former Vols Cheerleader Nicole Jacobs In Steeplechase Cat Fight

The Iroquois Steeplechase is a big deal in Nashville every spring. Like other celebrated horse races, most people who attend the annual event are more interested in the party/drinking than the running of the race. Women in dresses wearing hats; men in pastels with hard-ons — you know the drill.

This year’s Iroquois Steeplechase featured an un-billed attraction on the undercard of the Steeplechase: a cat fight between girls in short dresses. A girl wearing a white sundress sans underwear (allegedly) got into a hair-pulling confrontation with a girl in a little black dress. Hilarity (and nudity, maybe) ensues.

Seen it a million times, right?

Wednesday morning, former Tennessee and New York Jets‘ quarterback Erik Ainge tweeted that the girl in the little back dress was none other than former Tennessee cheerleader Nicole Jacobs (you can hear the guy in the middle of the fracas saying “Nicole” on the video clip). Ainge also provided a picture of Jacobs in the black dress at the Steeplechase (prior to the brawl, natch). She’s at far left in the picture:

Jacobs has moved on from cheerleading, but she still knows how to whoop some ass if she needs to do so.

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