Oregon Football Helmet VW Sells For $2,600


The 1973 Oregon football helmet VW Bug doesn’t run, but that doesn’t take away the awesomeness of what someone picked up on Tuesday for $2,600.

The Oregon athletics department, for some strange reason, sold off this piece of sports pop culture without much fanfare. There were only three confirmed bids, with the opening bid at $2,500.

According to the listing:

This car is currently for display purposes only as it currently does not operate and it has not been driven on roads.  The item will need to be picked up from the University of Oregon athletic department.

Let me remind you that I purchased Cam Newton’s BCS game-used pants for $1,500. Would $2,600 be out of the question for a Bug with a football helmet? Not at all. I’m actually jealous of the guy who’ll be rolling around Eugene on gameday in this beast.



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