Now I’m Depressed – Hulk Hogan Needed Wheelchair At Vegas Airport

There goes my youth. All I can think of is Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania 2 in Los Angeles – on what was then pay-per-view – in a cage match against that giant blob of fat. Hogan, in his athletic prime, eventually curbstomped Bobby Heenan and Tommy Lasorda announced Hulk as champion of the world.

That was 1986. The guy was drinking raw eggs, whipping ass, walking around ripped in yellow underwear and on top of the world.

Now 59, Hogan tweeted out the above photo last night upon his arrival in Vegas.


The guy can’t even walk through the Vegas airport without a “Maniac” manning the wheelchair.

It’s one thing for our parents to get old and not be able to shoot jumpers or throw batting practice. It’s another for the Hulkster to be one of those old white hairs at the Vegas airport having his ass shuttled from the plane, to the tram and to luggage claim.

Shed a tear for your youth today. Hulk Hogan can’t walk through the airport.



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