How Fake Is This Indoor Football League Brawl Between Lincoln Coach & Omaha RB? [VIDEO]

IFL Beef-Haymakers Brawl

When you’re a fledgling professional team sports league, any publicity is good publicity. The Champions Professional Indoor Football League (CPIFL) certainly seeks publicity. They put out a press release about an “an incident” that happened during the Omaha Beef — Lincoln Haymakers game on Saturday night. After R.J. Rollins of the Beef scored the go-ahead touchdown with 3:10 left, he tossed the football at Haymakers head coach Dave Brumagen. Brumagen then shoved Rollins to the ground starting a “brawl.” Watch the video below:

This is not even remotely convincing. Rollins oversells the bump like a Euro soccer player flop, and all the players in the background are smiling in the video clip. No way does Brumagen shove Rollins like that and not get killed by stampeding Beef players. We didn’t see one punch thrown. WTF? Players and coaches did get suspended though, according to the CPIFL press release:

“After careful consideration and viewing numerous sources of video, the Champions Professional Indoor Football League is prepared to announce the penalties levied against players and coaches for their actions in Omaha on Saturday night. Players and coaches were suspended for their roles in a fight with punches thrown and actions detrimental to the league.”

Maybe the CPIFL is hoping the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffett will be as bullish on indoor football as he is on newspapers? There is something fun about chanting “Let’s go Beef!” at a game, but after that, eh. There’s always the Prime Dancers:

Beef Prime Dancers

[H/T: No Coast Bias]

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