Alabama Cops Arrest Grandma Wearing Steve McNair Jersey For Kidnapping


First of all, let me just say that I have to give thanks to our friend @NickLough for alerting BC to a video of an Alabama grandmother being perp walked after being arrested for kidnapping. The moneyshot being that grandma was wearing a crispy, new Steve McNair jersey.

Nick is a reporter for WAFF, the NBC affiliate in Huntsville. This is the same station that brought you the Antoine Dodson interview. In other words, Nick and his coworkers see all sorts of shit that will blow your mind.

Enter 43-year-old grandma, Tina Vaughn.

WAFF reports:

Tuscumbia Police said they have located a missing toddler. This comes following a nationwide search for 22-month-old Salenia Davis and her non-custodial grandmother.

Tuscumbia Police said Davis has been missing since April 29th when she was taken by her grandmother without the consent of the child’s guardian.

The baby’s grandmother, 43-year-old Tina Vaughn of Waterloo, left with Salenia┬ájust three days before the baby’s aunt was granted custody.

It’s a sad story and we’re happy that the toddler is safe, but can we stop for a minute and appreciate Tina. She’s 43 and doesn’t own a tooth, yet somehow finds a shiny new Steve McNair jersey.

How does this happen? McNair has been dead since 2009 and played his last NFL game in 2007.

[Full Video – Tina Vaughn Arrested – WAFF]



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