WATCH THIS! The Russian Kids Hockey Fight Everyone Is Talking About


What’s the big takeaway from the massive Russian kids hockey brawl that will be sweeping the Internet today? At least one adult clapping (lower left of your screen).

The Russian who uploaded this brawl to YouTube reports:

Драка состоялась на турнире в Новокузнецке.

That translates to:

The fight took place at a tournament in Novokuznetsk.

According to Wikipedia:

Joseph Stalin’s rapid industrialization of the Soviet Union transformed the sleepy town into a major coal mining and industrial center in the 1930s. It merged with Sad Gorod in 1931. In 1931–1932, the city was known as Novokuznetsk and between 1932–1961 as Stalinsk (Ста́линск), after Stalin.

This city is closer to Mongolia than it is to Moscow. Want to drive to Moscow? It’s only 3,700 kilometers and will take 47 hours if you don’t hit construction.

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