Penguins Fan’s Chest Hair Sign Is Better Than Their Pep Rally’s Harlem Shake Video

Penguins Chest Hair Sign

The Pittsburgh Penguins began the Eastern Conference semifinals Tuesday night at home against Ottawa. One Pens fan was ready for his team’s pursuit of the Stanley Cup, shaving a “Let’s Go Pens” message into his chest hair. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Seth Rorabaugh tweeted the gory evidence before the game. We don’t know if anyone heped the fan shave, but the guy to his left in the photo looks way too happy to be there. How about his “Straight Outta Shadyside” pose? Slow your roll, Wheezy-E.

Earlier in the day, there was a Penguins’ pep rally at the Allegheny County Courthouse. These types of civic displays are fairly common at playoff time, but it was peculiar that months after the “Harlem Shake” video craze had passed, the organizers of the pep rally decided to have the crowd do a huge ‘Harlem Shake” video to fire up the Pens. WOOO!…

Yeah. It went about as well as you’d expect. Pathetic support. Who planned this party, a personal care center? NBC may want to take a look at the number of fans that turn out for a free rally at lunchtime in one of the best hockey markets in the U.S. the next time the NHL wants to negotiate broadcast rights. Watch the video below to view the damage:

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