Hottest Superfans Of The NBA Playoffs: Heather Shanholtz

Again, as we said last week, hate the Miami Heat all you want, and it’s easy to hate a team that’s on it’s way to back-to-back NBA titles. Just don’t hate the hot chicks that root for the team and then shoot photos of themselves in NBA jerseys.

That’s a whole different ballgame.

Last week, we had Miami resident Alexis Augusto in Heat gear on a basketball court. Today it’s the lovely Heather Shanholtz, who also lives in Miami.

You’ve seen Heather (@HShanholtz) in Maxim, American Curves, Ultimate MMA, Planet Muscle, Muscle Mag, The Dupont Registry, The Ring and plenty of Internet locations. What’s great about Heather is that she’s multifaceted in sports modeling. You have the Heat shots, but there are also baseball photos. That’s the obvious sign of a pro.

We keep trying to tell aspiring models that you need to give up all 30 lingerie shoots you go on and produce one solid sports-themed shoot where you incorporate football shoulder pads, baseball bats, hockey pads and a football jersey.

One thing will lead to another and you’ll be an Internet star.

[Game 5: Heat vs. Bulls  |   Wednesday, 7 p.m. ET  |   TNT]

[Photos via @justinmprice]  [Heather Shanholtz – Facebook]

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