Gronk’s Arm Rehab Includes Guest Bartending In Boston [PHOTOS]



All of you worrying that Gronk won’t be able to start the season because of some surgery gossip need to calm down. Gronk’s got this. There was our hero last night at Boston’s 4.5 star Strega Waterfront pouring drinks and impressing the ladies with how well he can protect a surgically repaired left arm from any unnecessary trauma.

Supposedly there is concern about infection in the left arm resulting from a metal plate that’s in his arm, the Boston Globe reports.

If the infection has not cleared up in two weeks, then the decision will be made on whether to replace the plate.

Of course the NFL’s highest paid tight end isn’t going to just sit around without rehabbing. There’s always some young punk looking to take your job. #grind.

[via @stevesilva]


Like a guy can hurt a forearm via a shaker.


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