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Which Cleveland franchise will be the first to break the city’s title slump?

“(The) Indians…look how they’re playing,” Fox Sports Ohio Girl Sara said. At 21-16, the Indians are just 1/2 game behind the Tigers in the A.L. Central. It’s been 64 years since the Indians have hoisted a World Series trophy, but Sara is ever the optimist. 

The Orwell, OH (52 miles east of Cleveland) native grew up on Cleveland sports and now gets to root for all the teams as part of her fan ambassador job with Fox Sports.

Maybe this is the year that the Indians break the slump and get a trophy. Sara is ready. “I truly believe our time is coming soon,” she said.

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Who is your favorite athlete?

Kyrie Irving! Absolutely love watching Mr. 4th Quarter. He’s brought a spark to the team because he plays with techniques and instincts that only the top point guards in the NBA have.

Who is your athlete or celebrity crush, and why?

Anderson Varejao from the Cavs. Call me crazy… But I love his hair!

What is your fondest sports memory?

It was tradition for me to head over to my Papa’s every Sunday after church and watch the Browns. I always looked forward to Sunday afternoons with him…Some of my favorite memories.

What sport would you play professionally if you could, and why?

Golf. I love to play… I’m just not very good yet.

What’s the coolest assignment you’ve worked as a Fox Sports Girl?

Going over to Grafenwoehr Army Base in Germany for  “Spring Training to the Troops”! I am so honored that I had the opportunity to give back to our military. Being able to bring a little bit of home to them is definitely a memory I’ll never forget.

Which Cleveland professional franchise will be the first to break the title slump and win a championship?

Indians…look how they’re playing!

Are Cleveland franchises cursed?

No, I truly believe our time is coming soon…I do think we’ve had a string of bad luck but don’t forget the Indians were in the World Series in 95 and 97 and Cavs were in the Championship in 07.

What team’s fans come to town and are the worst? Tigers? Yankees? White Sox?

Tigers… Any team from Michigan always brings out the biggest smack talk.  And they’re close enough for a lot to show up here for a game.

Which Belle did you prefer: Joey or Albert?

Albert! I grew up watching him. And he was better….and his attitude gave the Tribe an intimidating edge.

I’m thinking of coming to a game at Progressive and want to ignore the diet. Should I get the brat, polish sausage or just go with the regular old stadium dog?

Can’t go wrong with a good old stadium dog! And you can’t beat dollar dog night at Progressive Field!

Be honest, aren’t you tired of the guy banging on the drum?

Absolutely not! It wouldn’t be the same without John Adams banging that drum. I’m all about tradition…and love that he’s still here.

Better Major League: I or II?

No doubt about it… Major League I. Nothing beats the original.

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