Patrick Willis Pumps Bullet Into Snake Who Was Perpetrating


If you want to piss off animal rights activists, be a high-profile NFL player, shoot a snake and then post the death photos on Facebook.

That’s exactly what Patrick Willis did last night.

Willis wrote:

Never a dull moment. I had an intruder in my house welcome to the hills……. Got em

Yep, you got ’em. That looks like a dead snake to us. Snake experts say that is a bullsnake, a nonvenomous beast that some mistake for a rattlesnake.

Of course snake and animal lovers have united against Willis.

Alot of SICK A-HOLES here!!! Who think this is funny!!The biggest one is Patrick, “smiles and all after a kill”.Psychotic behavior from him and alot of you here!!! WHO ARE THE REAL SNAKES HERE??? Patrick u are ONE BIG COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is so cool about killing a harmless snake, and then posing with a dumb smile? What does that do for a human being? Me play football!!! Me tough guy, kill snake!!!! what a f’n joke.

Funny. None of you idiot liberals are upset about the 4 killed in Benghazi. But this poor defenseless little snake…

WOW are you serious right now? You, a huge man -with a gun- think that somehow you’re bad ass for killing a harmless snake? You have just disgusted a lot of people and set a very poor example for any person, especially child, who looks up to you. Major fail.

Finally, a good story about an athlete and a gun.