Brett Favre & Chocolate Lab Shoot New Wrangler Commercial


Brett Favre goes from being relatively quiet for 2.5 months to getting two posts in three days on BC. There was the post on Saturday where Brett was snowmobiling Colorado with Deanna. Now we find the Gunslinger, via @thomasonphx, shooting a new Wrangler commercial.

David Thomason doesn’t add context to the photos, so we’ll go out on a limb and say this new campaign will debut around the start of the NFL season.

You know the gig: Brett is back, he’s wearing his Wranglers and the pants are strong enough to withstand his rugged lifestyle.

Brett has to Jeep it back to his remote property where the grass has grown to eight inches high and he’ll need to bust out the lawn tractor to clear the land.

Meanwhile, a rotten tree nearly falls on the NFL legend, prompting Brett to get his chainsaw and cut some wood.