Manny Ramirez’s Awful Slide Breaks Up Announcers & A Double Play [VIDEO]

Manny Ramirez Bad Slide

So Manny Ramirez is still playing baseball in Taiwan. He is also not going to be mistaken for Ty Cobb or Pete Rose anytime soon. In a video posted on Friday, Ramirez slides about 10 feet from the second base bag on a ground ball fielded by the first baseman and thrown to second to get the tag.

Ramirez’s unorthodox slide actually worked because the second baseman had to run over and tag Manny — while he was flopping on the infield dirt like a beached whale — and thus could not complete the double play. We don’t think that’s cagey strategy by Manny; he just decided on a quick exit to avoid a collision at second base. Watch the video of Ramirez’s awful slide below:

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