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Cam Newton Got Blown Off By A Beach Hottie While Riding A Segway [VIDEO]

Carolina Panthers‘ quarterback Cam Newton is among the star pupils of quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr. As the gridiron Mr. Miyagi to quarterback Daniel-sans like Newton, Andrew Luck and Johnny Manziel, Whitfield sees to it that these star signal-callers bro-down with him after they get done talking blitz reads and passing trees. For instance, Whitfield and Manziel took a road trip to the NFL Draft, a Yankees game and UFC 159 in April.

On Saturday, Newton spent his 24th birthday with Whitfield in San Diego. After quarterback school was out, Newton and Whitfield decided to do a little speed Segway riding at Pacific Beach. Watch the video clip below to see Newton low-five unsuspecting walkers and then get left hanging by a pretty young thing at the end of the video. Hopefully Newton had better luck in the Gaslamp Quarter on Saturday night.


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