The Amazing Andy Reid Yard Sale [PHOTOS]


The big news from today’s Andy Reid Yard Sale: the prices. Would you pay $50 for an Eagles birdhouse signed by Andy Reid? Would you pay $590 for a set of AFC/NFC billiards balls? Probably not. What about $100 for an Andy Reid autographed bed lamp?

You get the idea.

As we mentioned on Friday, Andy and his wife decided to sell off all of their Eagles crap and donate the money to the local high school football team and other charities.

Philly sports radio 94 WIP promotions director Chris Johnson (@chrisjohnsonjr) stopped by this morning to buy and take photos of the crap.

And the crap didn’t disappoint.

Autographed Crocs anyone?









Old, dirty, sweat stained hats anyone?

Picture 3


And more Eagles crap.

Picture 6


And more.

Picture 7