NFL Network Fired An Intern Last Night & More Morning Screencaps!


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Come on, NFL Network. You have to be better than this. You can’t start making ESPN intern errors and expect the Internet to look the other way. We like you guys, but when an intern fails this bad you’re getting the top slot in Morning Screencaps.

Of course Ryan Nassib was drafted by the Giants and could barely hear a word Eli uttered during the new BFFs first phone call.

See, you don’t want to be the WWL making errors on simple stuff.

Picture 6

Moving along…


Meanwhile, in Boston, this was spotted at last night’s game.

Picture 3

Also at Game 5…

Picture 7


Red Wings fan being Red Wings fan. The good news is that Detroit won 4-3 and forced a Game 7 Sunday night in Anaheim.

Picture 9

Manny being Manny in Taiwan.


How about a rare college baseball screencap this morning. Of course this would come from LSU fan. If you’ve never been to a meaningful LSU sporting event, I cannot recommend getting on a plane and getting to Baton Rouge enough.

Picture 6

NY Post covers grade: B+

Picture 8

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