Win McMurry & Michael Phelps Dating?

How mad am I going to be if Michael Phelps is suddenly dating Golf Channel smokeshow Win McMurry? You ever have your favorite baseball game lose a Game 7 of the World Series? Yeah? That mad.

Phelps just happened to be at the Players Championship this week and caddied for McMurry during the golf wives benefit outing. Yes, I understand that Phelps is now keeping busy via a Golf Channel show with Hank Haney.

But you know how this stuff usually ends up. Hot golf chick befriends horndog Phelps and they build a friendship over golf, drinks at the 19th hole and a caddying gig. One thing leads to another and a publicist tips off TMZ that the two are dating.

McMurry (@WinMcMurryGC) tweeted this morning:

Job well done caddie…the bib looked nice on you too!

Hmm, is that an inside joke, Win? And she busted his caddying cherry. And she’s as close to a 10 you’re ever going to see on TV. And she’s 28.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you about these two when they show up to the ESPYs in July and everyone is like, “WTF is that on Phelps’ arm?”

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