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We Bought RGIII A Corn Peeler For His Upcoming Wedding – The Registry!

Washington D.C. media is going nuts today over the discovery of RGIII’s wedding registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The couple is scheduled to wed July 6 in Virginia. Of course this news sent us into shopping mode because there’s nothing more American than fans buying millionaire athletes wedding gifts.

Our track record speaks for itself: Wes Welker, Kim Kardashian, Jay Cutler, Bret Bielema and others I’ve lost track of.

For RGIII, the gift idea was simple – a corn peeler. Thanks, Rob Parker! I threw in the napkin because it was cheap.

As for the gift message, we mixed it up this time. I thought this would be a good one for Twitter participation so this is the concoction from three tweets belonging to @AdamGlenRussell, @jsbuttram, ‏@HMertz and @surlysaltine.

[RGIII Wedding Registry]





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