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Hottest Superfans Of The NBA Playoffs: Alexis Augusto [44 PHOTOS]

Do you hate the Miami Heat because of LeBron and some middle-aged lady going middle finger on Joakim Noah? Do you hate the Heat because you can’t stand their fake fans and all the dbags wearing white because they’re suddenly Heat fans in May?

You cannot possibly hate our friend and Heat fan Alexis Augusto. There’s a good chance you’ve seen Alexis on Busted before for NFL Pick ‘Em or from her days as a Panthers Ice Girl.

Alexis (@AlexisDAugusto) has been been busy this year. She’s already nailed down the Miss Miami Lakes USA 2014 crown and just finished up another year with the Panthers Redline dance team.

Now it’s that time of year for her to roll along as the Heat’s ‘Hottest Superfan’. We’ve yet to even find a legit contender to this title.

[Heat-Bulls  |  Tonight, 8 p.m. EST  |  ESPN]


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