ESPN Intern Having Trouble With David Ortiz’s Stats & More Screencaps!


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This is what steroids will get you at 37. You might’ve heard that Dan Shaughnessy wrote a column this week on Papi’s hot start and whether PEDs are responsible for the fast start.

Did he hear the fans in Toronto chanting, “Steroids!’’?

“No, not really,” said Ortiz. “Why?’’

Because what you are doing looks too good to be true.

“They test me all the time,” he said. “They make you pee and they test your blood, too. This year I would say I’ve probably been tested five times, peeing. Blood, just once. That was in spring training. They don’t warn you. They just show up.’’

Then an ESPN comes in and makes this hot start even more unbelievable. This is how you turn a non-story into a great story.

Not interested in the Ortiz story? Maybe you want to hear ESPN discuss that couch cushion Dwyane Wade wore to the Game 2 press conference.



Speaking of PEDs, at the Players Championship…


I have no idea why.

Picture 3

Get that dog a cold beer and a puck slut.

Picture 6

The Penguins won 4-0 last night to take a 3-2 lead.

Picture 7

And in Montreal…


In Chicago…

Picture 8NY Post cover grade: B

Picture 9


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