Stop What You’re Doing & Watch This First Pitch From Stetson-Florida State [UPDATE]

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BC reader Bill R. sent this video with a simple message: “How bad is this idiot?”

Was John Bledsoe trying to throw a pitchout on the ceremonial first pitch? Balls.

According to the Stetson baseball department, this is from Tuesday’s game against Florida State. At least this moron didn’t fall off the mound after the pitchout.

Oh wait, he did.

Welcome to a new hell, homeboy. You’re now part of the worst first pitch pitchers on the Internet. John Bledsoe really does work for FHM Insurance. This isn’t a goof.

In case you care, the Seminoles drilled Stetson, 13-5, on Tuesday and came back for a 14-2 win on Wednesday. It was a tough homestand for the Hatters.

Anyone know this John Bledsoe guy? We need to ask him if this was just a goof.

Update: John answered our email asking for comment with this.

john-bledsoe-email copy