Hannah Davis – Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend – Hangs With Eli Manning [PHOTOS]

Hannah Davis Eli Manning Full

The DirectTV up-fronts happened in New York City this week. Obviously the NFL is a huge part of the DirectTV strategy, because the company trotted out as many NFL players as they could get to stand next to Hannah Davis, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and rumored girlfriend of Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Davis is the DirectTV Genie and spokesmodel for the company.

In addition to DJ Calvin Harris, Direct TV brought out New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, as well as New York Jets center Nick Mangold. One glimpse at the picture and it’s apparent that Eli Manning is unsure what to do when standing next to a babe like Davis. Poor bastard seems like he’s locked into eternal derp-face. Somebody shake him before he freezes that way!…This is why Jeter gets the best tail. He’d be as comfortable as hell in that pic.

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— Hannah Davis (@hanni_davis) May 9, 2013