2013 NFL Cheerleader Tryouts Recap [PHOTOS]

NFL Cheerleader Tryouts LEAD
The period after the NFL Draft means a lull in NFL activity. Most free agent players worth having have been snapped up, draft picks are getting acclimated to their new cities and teams are still preparing their on-sales of single-game tickets.

The clear highlight of NFL spring is cheerleader tryouts, as (sometimes very young; sometimes not) hopefuls compete against each other for a spot on one of the NFL cheerleading squads. This usually involves the cheerleaders being displayed on a stage or in a yoga studio somewhere so NFL teams can charge fans to leer at them while they are being judged. Go team!

Don’t let the duck faces in the Instagrams below fool you: this is serious competition.

[Photos via Instagram.com/nflcheerrt and Twitter.com/NFLCheerRT]