White Sox Pitcher Hector Santiago Forgets His At-Bat [VIDEO]

Hector Santiago Forgets At-Bat


Interleague play has been around MLB for 16 years. The rules are simple: an American League home park means a designated hitter is used; a National League park means the pitcher hits. Someone forgot to tell the rules to Hector Santiago, the Chicago White Sox starting pitcher on Tuesday night in his team’s interleague game against the Mets at CitiField.

When it came time for Santiago to bat in the top of the sixth inning, he was hanging out in the clubhouse while Mets’ starting pitcher Matt Harvey and his perfect game were waiting on the mound. INBD, Hector. Whenever.

You can watch Santiago’s mad scramble to grab a batting helmet and bat in the video below. Of course, he was facing Harvey, who threw a one-hitter with 12Ks in nine innings of work on Tuesday, so it didn’t really matter if he had just passed on the AB.

FYI- the Mets won, 1-0, in 10 innings.

[H/T: Cut4]

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