That’s Not Lipstick On Bob Stoops’ Face & More Morning Screencaps!


morning twitpics

Bob Stoops was sitting courtside last night at the OKC-Grizzlies game and it looked like Bob had a lipstick kiss on his cheek. The only problem is that it’s not lipstick. It’s a mark from a procedure to remove a “pre-cancerous spot.”

Bob, on Monday, wasn’t exactly talking much to the media about the spot.

“No big deal, I’m good,” he said.

As for the game, Memphis beat OKC 99-93.



Meanwhile, in Colorado:

Picture 6


AAAstros baseball – catch the fever!

Picture 8


Brilliant. Ottawa won last night, 3-2, and has a 3-1 lead on the Habs.

Picture 7

Halftime in Oklahoma.


Picture 9


Finally, and here we thought the Islanders might get some love after beating the Penguins. Grade: B.

Picture 10

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